Monday, 19 November 2012

Annzo Corp: How to Use Google’s disavow Tool

Annzo Corporation: The Google Disavow Link Tool launched exactly a month ago and many webmasters have been eagerly awaiting the tool because it lets Google delete all the bad links that are connected to your site. As Google has become more stringent with their algorithm, taking into account poor quality or paid links and notifying site owners about those inbound links that could cause problems, webmasters have been caught in the middle of trying to clean up link profiles that were years old or were put in place by a previous SEO company. Matt Cutts announced the tool at the PubCon, which was followed by a detailed listing of what the tool is, how it works, and when you should use it. Essentially, it’s a tool designed in the wake of Penguin that’s intended to help webmasters indicate to Google which inbound links are unwanted using the Disavow Links Tool.
Even though only advanced webmasters are advised to use the link disavow tool, its usage is simple. Start by logging in to your Webmaster Tools account, and then choose the website you want to use the tool for.

After clicking on ‘Disavow Links’, you will be prompted to upload a text file. The content of the text file tells Google which domains/websites or URLs to ignore when analyzing inbound links to your website.

The official post also explains how to indicate the URLs.
You can either disavow links completely from a particular website ( or simply indicate the pages you want Google to discount ( Any statement followed by a # is treated as a comment and Google will ignore it.
Once uploaded, Google states that it could take several weeks to recognize and apply the changes. For webmasters who are waiting to remove bad links and send a reconsideration request, this is Google’s recommendation:
“If you have a manual link penalty and submit a disavow file, wait 2-3 days before sending in your reconsideration request.”
Whereas keeping in view there can be certain campaigns that work against the link building by linking your website to the sites that can lower the quality and pull it back in SERPs on different search engine and it’s called Link spamming. It is important to filter out your backlinks in order to achieve that equivalence.  By the recent release of Google Disavow tool it has become easy to spill out those unnecessary backlinks which are lowering your website on SERPs. It is a new tool that allows website owners to "disavow" low quality links that might be reducing their PageRank has been added to Webmaster Tools.
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